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We set up our factory on 12th November 1999.Although we are new, we are skilful and experienced as we are in this line at least for fifteen years. The main products we produce are rubber sheet, rubber foot, rubber mic holder, rubber cushion, rubber O-ring, EVA Gasket, Cork Foot, Adhesive tape, Hemilon felt, Velvet, for telephone, wireless telephone, movable telephone, walkie-talkie, calculator, computer, monitor, TV games, speaker rubber foot, speaker gasket, remote control, and desk-type electronics products and Automotive Rubber products.

Rubber Protective
Rubber Protective products are pressure sensitive adhesive-backed that can be used as footing, stoppers, spacers, anti-vibration and protector in many application. Used apply in audio industries, DVD/VCD player, keyboard, small appliance, furniture and cabinetry.

Leg Cushion Rubber Foot
Come with Adhesive back. Excellent qualities in anti-skid and anti-vibration abilities. Used apply in audio industries for speaker box, mini-compo player,Plasma,LCD,LED,TV ,VCD,DVD,Blu-ray players, computer keyboard etc.

O-ring, Seal & Gaskets
All type of ring, seal and gasket which are able to be used in
multipurpose pf application.
Materials available are NR, NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone
and Viton.

Automotive Rubber
Our Automotive Parts are mainly supporting to the motorcycle industries. The range of the parts likes grommets, washer, hub rubber, seal-ring and etc.

Our customers always feel relax to due with us because we ensure our customers with high quality products, best price, prompt delivery and good service        

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